5/28 Webinar R2: Maintenance, Service and Troubleshooting

May 28, 2020

90 Minute Webinar *Descale Procedure *Remote Controller Operation *Error Codes and Maintenance Monitors *PROCard App

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NRU-R2: Maintenance, Service, and Troubleshooting, Wednesday June 17 @ 9am PST

June 17, 2020

Let a Noritz technician walk you through various stages of maintenance, service, and troubleshooting a Noritz tankless water heater from descale to error code resolution.

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ITW: NRU-R2 Webinar: Maintenance and Troubleshooting, July 1 @ 9am PST

July 01, 2020

NRU-R2 training will cover maintenance requirements to extend the life of the water heater well beyond the warranty limitations and troubleshooting techniques to resolve error codes effectively.

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